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I joined the LNH ranks in February 2000, with the Misunderstood Missions of Minority Miss. Boy, did my English suck then! Yet, somehow, people seemed to like the story. Later it would verge into darker waters... and I would be seduced by Martin's "LNH2", and head off to write Acra.Flight. I briefly participated in Birth of a Villain... and after finishing Acra Flight, I disappeared from RACC. I kept promising myself I'd write more, but I never did, and eventually I stopped reading.

Before joining, I have thought of myself as a writer since a very early age. In my teens, I got into role-playing games, and ended up writing professionally for an RPG publication. I developed a bit of a reputation in Brazil. But what I really wanted to write (sci-fi, fantasy, and maybe comics) has a really tiny market there; so I eventually decided I had to go international. While writing for LNH was PRIMARILY about having fun, it was also largely an exercise for writing in English. The first time around.

Cut to 2007... I have moved to China almost three years ago, and English is not really a problem anymore. But since I'm here, there hasn't been much writing, so I was afraid I was getting a bit rusty. Sure, I wrote some stuff on my own, and I started a book. But I thought; if I really get a paying job (maybe when I move out of here, which definitely will NOT be back to Brazil), will I really have the steam and discipline to write on a schedule? And then it occurred to me — I had lots of fun writing for the LNH. Now, with more experience, it could be even better. Let's see what they are up to.

I went and hit RACC... and it turns out I just missed the cross-over of the year, and worse, it was the LNH's 15th anniversary! That bummed me out to no end. But it was also good; reading it was a barrel of fun, and completely got me in a LNH gear again. I just had to write.

So here I am, with a somewhat ambitious project; a series that has to be posted at least for one year, no less than once per month, preferably more. It's definitely been a fun ride till now. So much so that I got motivated to create this site, hoping to make the LNH more accessible for people who have no idea what the Usenet is...

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Titles written

58.5 last posted on 2009-04-06 04:47
A mini-series ("at least one per month, preferably more", says the author), telling the adventures of a few key heroes during "Infinite April" (introduced in Infinite Leadership Crisis). Character writeups at
Acra Flight last posted on 2001-12-20 22:05
Birth of a Villain last posted on 2001-08-19 07:30
One of the many "chaotic add-on cascades" of the LNH; specially relevant as it introduces many characters with important roles in Infinite Leadership Crisis, 58.5, Beige Countdown, and Beige Midnight.
Kid Recap last posted on 2007-11-04 01:55
A limited mini-series, intended as a gentle starting point for new LNH readers; if you want to point your friends to the LNH but fear it may be too daunting, then I hope this mini will help!
LNH Comics Presents last posted on 2011-08-20 10:26
A "feature" title, written by many different authors, and considered by many the "main" LNH title these days.
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Menace last posted on 2012-02-12 16:03
Weird Comics last posted on 2007-12-23 09:09