Introduction to the LNH

Hi! Kid Recap here. Recently, I prepared a very nice recap of the LNH in general, and Infinite Leadership Crisis, Infinite April, and 58.5 in particular, for 58.5 issue #39. My pals really liked it, so we thought it would be nice to make a few changes to the text, and post it to this site as a general introduction.

This site archives fiction stories in a shared universe called "LNH", which stands for Legion of Net.Heroes, the premier super-hero organization of this universe. Obviously, it's a setting where most stories follow the super-hero genre, or mock it, or (usually) a combination of the two.

The LNH is headquartered in a city called Net.ropolis; many places and concepts in the LNH universe have names which are puns with internet or computing concepts, and particular preference is given to Usenet terminology, since the LNH was born from the Usenet, and still has its home in the rec.arts.comics.creative newsgroup. Other places and concepts just simply have puns in their names, with no other criteria than being funny; the universe (in the astronomic rather than literary sense) is called the Looniverse, the planet is Looniearth, and Net.ropolis is located in the Loonited States of Ame.rec.a. (If you're a comic book or sci-fi reader familiar with the concept of multiverses, then you'd like to know the Looniverse is part of a multiverse called the Usenetverse.)

However, reality seems to be more or less fluid; in some stories you'll hear the country be referred to as "Usenetted States" instead, and even the stranger "United States" (where did they come up with that one?). As Malaclypse the Younger would say, all of them are true. Equally, the location of Net.ropolis is officially defined as "wherever is convenient for the story being told"; it most certainly has a bay where a river ends, and this bay is most of the time connected to an ocean, usually the, but not always. It's often capital of the state of Net.ropolis, and sometimes part of Net.York or some other state.

The writers behind the LNH sometimes like to take things a bit seriously; in fact, sometimes they make things funny precisely by taking some comic book concepts more seriously than they are usually taken in comics. Mostly for that reason, the Looniearth is quite a bit more advanced than your Earth, thanks to all the super-geniuses running around; apparently, the economy of the "emerging countries" and Loonited States is a lot more stable, and space exploration is strong and viable, with a few space elevators already in operation; asteroid mining has been happening commercially for a few years already.

The LNH itself is a huge organization; most active super-powered beings (called net.ahumans in the Looniearth) are affiliated with it, if neutral or benign, and fight against it, in the case of net.villains. To be sure, not all of them are planet-juggling titans; we have net.heroes with the power of glowing a radioactive green, making cheesecake, never sleeping, and in one case, the power of doing nothing whatsoever. Of course, on the other end of the spectrum there is me, Kid Recap, with the ability to recap and clarify any story! Ahem...

Anyways, as I was saying, the LNH has, or had until March 2007, something between one and four hundred human or humanoid members. (There's also "collective memberships": a few hundred green kiwis, originally brought in by Kid Kiwi, and a few hundred oozelfinches, you don't really want to know what those are or where they came from, trust me.) Those members have all sorts of powers, come from all walks of life (and unlife in some cases), and from everywhere on Looniearth, and other planets, dimensions, and time periods too.

For the last few years ("few" is deliberately vague here), the leader of the whole LNH has been the Ultimate Ninja. His past is shrouded in mystery, because it just wouldn't be fun otherwise, see for example what happened to our dear Mr. Howlett after his childhood was brought up. Ultimate Ninja, or UN, is, well, the ultimate ninja! He's pretty good at hiding, sneaking, intimidating, and killing. What? You ask how that makes a good leader? Ssh, don't say that out loud. It just does. Trust me. As proof, last year we had an election to replace him, and out of a few very qualified candidates, we elected... the Ultimate Ninja. So shut up or I'll go call him.

Well. On March 31st, 2007, the Ultimate Ninja took his first vacation in decades. To lead the LNH in his absence, he nominated Fearless Leader, a character created by Dave "Dvandom" a few years ago with the express purpose of leading the LNH, or, in other words, a very frustrated being. Well, on April 1st he finally had his day.

I guess I shouldn't be that literal.

He did, actually, have one day. Exactly at midnight, he disappeared mysteriously, forcing the remaining LNH to pick another leader.

And for the remainder of April, every day one leader was chosen, and every night that leader would disappear. That would have been bad, if April had behaved like a normal, good-mannered month and had the sense to end. However, after April 30 came April 31, then 32 and so on; this phenomenon was eventually nicknamed "Infinite April", and the story of what happens in it after the 56th is told in 58.5. The month begins and ends in the Infinite Leadership Crisis arc.

For the last two terms, the President of the Loonited States has been a net.villain, who used to fight the LNHer Bicycle Repair Man, Hexadecimal "Hex" Luthor. Yeah, I know this is a spoof that comes dangerously close to plagiarism, but trust me, Hex Luthor is a very different character from the other guy you're thinking of. (No, not George W. Bush.) When the LNH started its collective disappearing act, although the fact was kept secret from the public (thanks to robotic duplicates invented by the LNH's primary genius scientist, Doctor Stomper), the President did of course learn about it, and responded by activating his own net.ahuman defense agency, PANIC (The Paranormal, Alien and Net.ahuman Investigation Commission).

All caught up? Go read the comics then!