Legion of Net.Heroes

What's this?

The Legion of Net.Heroes (LNH for short) is a fictional group of super-heroes and super-hero-like entities. In the “real” world (if you believe in such a thing as reality), the term is often used to refer to the body of all stories ever written about or around the LNH. Which is a lot; the setting is a “public-domain” shared world, and over a hundred people have contributed to it over time, since its creation in 1992, including at least two professional writers.

LNH stories are posted to Usenet; we have our own group at alt.comics.lnh, but the “official” home is rec.arts.comics.creative. If you have a news reader and an Usenet account, you can read it straight from there. Even if you choose to read all your stories here, it's a good idea to check the newsgroup; it holds discussions, comments on the stories, announcements, and the annual RACCIE awards. If you don't have a news reader or account, you can get one (Mozilla Thunderbird is a great, free mail and news client; and many places around the 'net offer free, non-posting accounts. A full account is quite cheap, too), or you can use a web interface, such as Google Groups.

Recently, I prepared a rather nice recap for 58.5, which I then decided to post here as a general introduction to the LNH. Feel free to peruse it if you feel lost.

If you're the “school report” type and want to know more about the LNH, you can refer to our Wikipedia entry, or try the “semi-official” LNH Home Page at the Eyrie, or our own LNH Wiki, linked from the sidebar.

Start reading already!

If you're new to the LNH, I'd recommend you start by the Infinite Leadership Crisis. Follow the link to episode 0, then keep clicking “Next issue” on the left menu until the end (May 2nd). And no, my archive is not missing issues :-) we skipped a few numbers in the making of this event.

After that, you can move on to Beige Countdown or 58.5; or if you're already hooked, you can just pick a title at random and see if you like it.

-- Lalo

I'm raising a toast. To all our missing colleagues. To all those who died or disappeared before this mess started. To all those who gave their lives for us. To all those who will be brave enough to accept leadership in the days to come, assuming my plan for tomorrow doesn't work. To those that will save the Legion, if we do get saved, and to those that will pick up the mantle, if we don't. To those that came before us; the New-Wave heroes, Net.Hippies, Challengers of the Abominable, Net.astic Nine, Classic Squad, P.U.L.P., Wireless Heroes, Boy Lad, and all the groups and heroes we never heard about, all the way back to the Knights of the Routing Table and further. To those that will come after us. To everyone retconned out of existence. To the spirit of Net.heroism. And to the next 15 years.